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Sorry for being so absent the last few days but as you may have noticed is that I’ve been traveling around Jordan this week with the Jordan Tourism Board to get to know this amazing country a little bit better. I’ve got so much to share with you guys and actually I don’t know where to start. Besides all the amazing things I’ve done it also has been so great for me mentally. To start somewhere with all the Jordan post I’m sharing a few of my favorite shots of this week.

– Overviewing the city Amman after a delicious lunch –

– Trying to float in the Dead Sea. Checked it off on my bucket list –

– Palm trees everywhere! My view earlier this week during sunrise at 6.30AM –

– I truly love the Jordan food! So much and so good! –

– A Bedouin camp at Wadi Rum! I hope to overnight here one day –

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