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Oh yes! Festival season is here and we all are thinking about what on earth we’re gonna wear. Personally I’m not a girl who visits several festivals a year, but sometimes I like to go to a few to check out some of my favorite bands. Besides this, I’m always hearing great things about some festivals and checking them out is always a fun idea! In my opinion all the festival looks look kinda same  – with all the fringes, denim shorts, crochet tops and playsuirs. As you may know, this doesn’t fit into my own style and I prefer to create my own (not so) festival look. A bit of a festival touch, but still with a minimal and tomboy touch! This time I got inspired by the all black sandals with eyelets of Sacha Shoes that gives me a quite a 90’s vibe. Instead of dressing up in a bundle of color I go for a more monochrome look where I can visit a festival and have a shopping spree at the same time. It might not by your to-go festival look but let’s create a bit more diversity! What do you think? Will you be visiting some festivals this year? And what’s you festival to-go look? Let me know!

Sacha sunglasses (more sunglasses here) / My Jewellery silver earrings / Sacha light grey backpack / People’s Avenue white blouse dress /
NYX matte nude lipstick / My Jewellery lace iphone case / My Jewellery black marble necklace / Sacha black leather sandals (sandalen via Sacha Shoes)

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