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What a month May has been. A month of great traveling to New York, dreams that came true, struggling with going back to reality and some changes in my personal life. I will not be sharing a lot about this right now but I can say I couldn’t be more excited. Besides that May has also been a lot about food (not that handy just for summer season) – from yummy burgers to my all time favorite sushi. With a tropical trip planned at the end of the summer I really need to moderate, eat a bit healthier and drink lots of water. In the end I think May ahs been a month where I went more to the core of my being. Not worrying about what others think, listening to my body and not to stress about things that don’t matter in the end. Of course, there’s still much to learn and I can’t wait what the future will bring…

1. Yup! When you’re in New York you need to try some donuts, in bed in my hotel room 2. This view, breathtaking! 3. Good times always need to be celebrated with a good amount of sushi 4. Selfie with the boy at Times Square 5. Bringing my banana pancake skills to another level 6. Cherry blossom trees, always my favorite 7. Thinking of New York all the time 8. Travelling has become so much important this year 9. Feeling super happy at Coney Island with my love

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