I’ve been blogging for 5 years now and through the years I learned so many great things about blogging. Just like with everything else, like a company or your house, there are always improvements to work on and just make everything better. That’s why I would like to share some tips with you – and at the same time it’s nice reminder for myself.

These 5 ways to improve your blog are just a few of the many ways you can work on your blog to make it better. It also depends on your goal of your blog and how many hours you want to spend on it. Like a said, this is also a reminder for myself of things I still need to work on and give me more focus on blogging – sometimes it easy to lose yourself in the big sea of blogs. Hopefully this post can help you a bit and I would love to hear if you’re interested in more post like this. Let me know!

Make plan
Is your blog just a hobby or do you want to make it your job? Both ways start with making a plan. It will give you a lot of focus and structure into what you want to achieve with your blog. Several things – like going to fashion weeks and collaborations – where on my list to become reality and I’m so happy they all came true. Of course, dream BIG, but always start with some smaller goals and from there you can work on bigger ones.

Work on a schedule
After you made a plan for your blog you can start making a weekly and monthly schedule of your post you want to schedule. They also call it an editorial calendar and it gives you that structure during the week of posting. Personally I’m still working on this and hopefully I can have a more balanced schedule soon to work on.

Be different, speak up!
Speak up! Let hear your voice! We all swimming in a sea of thousand or maybe millions of blogs and it’s so important to find your niche so you’ll become a daily read for a lot of people. I also like to read blogs of people who have a strong opinion and are not afraid to talk about personal stuff. Just think about what your blog has to bring into the blogosphere…

Sharing is caring
Blogging is not all about talking and showing off your ‘oh-so-fabolous’ life. In my opinion it’s more about sharing stories and thoughts with my readers – and that’s why I don’t like to read blogs that are only filled with how somebody looks like and is wearing. That is also the reason why I have reduced my amount of outfit post to once or twice a week and added other subjects to my blog. Make your blog a little place on the internet where you meet with people from all over the world and share thoughts and learn from each other. So much more intesting!

Work on your SEO
Of course, blogging is something we all love to do but it’s even better when a lot of people can find your blog. Working on your SEO is one of the most important things to work ‘backstage’ on your blog. Think about subjects people search for and work on titles and text that define the subject of the article so Goofle can find it. I’m using SEO by Yoast plugin (wordpress) for my blog and super easy to use.

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