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Yesterday was the coldest August 19th since 90 years. Can you believe it? This a true example fall is coming closer and we need to appreciate those last days of summer to the fullest. Damn! First of July feels like yesterday. To hold one to that summer feeling I’m sharing some of my ways to enjoy the last days of summer! Are you with me?

1. Let’s go outside! / Of course the most obvious thing to do during one of the last days of summer. Catching up all the vitamin D’s, putting up your sunglasses and walking around without a coat (or a really thin one). It’s also the perfect moment to go to the beach before you’ll freeze your toes of or enjoying those magical golden hour and sunset with you loved ones.

2.Delicious summer food! / This is  the perfect moment to enjoy all those typical summer food to the fullest. Grab an extra back-up of you favorite ice-cream or summer fruits like mango, strawberries, watermelon or pineapple. It’s also really nice to organise a nice bbq during one of the hotter days and don’t forget to invite some friends to make an evening to remember.

3. Closet clean-out + go shopping! / The last days of summer also means a season is coming to an end. Personally I’m can’t wait to clean out my closet and get rid of all the unneccessary clutter and welcoming some great nice styles to my wardrobe. Keep an eye on my blog because I’ll let you know when I add some nice items to my online shop.

4. Get fit! / Appreaciate those last summer days to get your dose of getting fit. Working out in the open air is so much better than those treadmills in you local gym. Go power walking, running, biking, jogging, skating or go long-boarding with the sunrays on your skin and a breeze through your hair. Oke, this reminds me to get of my butt right now and work it!

5. Get dressed! | Before you know it you need to wrap yourself into heavy knits, woolen coats before they will put  somewhere in the back of your closet. The last few days of summer is the perfect moment to wear those your summer pieces to the fullest – and mix and match them with some fall pieces.


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