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We all have them. An offday. It’s one of those days you rather stay in bed, do nothing, watch some series and would love the cancel the entire day. To be honest, I can be quite sensitive and sometimes just a little thing at the wrong moment can ruin my entire day.

Especially during the holiday season it’s all about having fun, be happy and enjoy these festive days but sometimes it’s not possible bring up all that joy when you’re not feeling the moment. I’ve always learned to stay positive as much as possible and to stay true to myself. Because I can’t feel down for a long time, through the years I found a few ways to cure an offdays and I’m happy to share it with you guys. And don’t forget to share your ways to get back on track again so we all can learn from it. Sharing is caring, right!

Morning routine
Most of the time you’re feeling it’s gonna be an offday already in the early morning. When you rather would stay in bed I would advice to get out bed as fast as possible and jump under the show to start the day fresh. Especially when you’re working it’s good to stay in the routine you’re already having. When you’re having a day off it’s good to stay productive and work on things. Like cleaning up your home, meet with friends or go working out at your gym.

Tackle it
Of course it’s always good to think about why you’re feeling like you do. Is it something that has to do with work, something personal or your gut feeling that’s trying to say something? When you know what’s ‘wrong’ you’ve got the possibility to change something…so do it! Or just try to make a move in the right direction. Tackling a situation always works the best for me. I say, go for it!

When you don’t need to go to work and can stay home it’s always a good idea to create some me-time. Freshen up yourself, do your nails, make the best breakfast/lunch you have ever made and put up that mudmask that has been waiting for you for weeks. Watch the ultimate girly series or go for something totally different (like Dexter – which I do! re-watching every season right now). And of course ending this day with your favorite dinner (hello sushi!) makes it something to looking forward to. Sometimes we girls need to plan days like these.

The little things in life
Try to change your daily focus and try to see the beauty of the little things in life. You can do this everywhere and always and it opens your mind to new things. When I’m travelling by train I always like to look outside or just around me instead of isolate myself with headphones or my phone. I know you’ll see thing you haven’t noticed before and make contact with random people. Best thing ever!

Go with the flow
Sometimes you need to face your current situation and feel OK with it. Sometimes there isn’t something you can change and just go with the flow. Worrying about something negative makes it even more difficult for yourself so dealing with it can be the only option. Good luck!


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