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I really hope you guys aren’t getting sick about the overload of London posts – because there more to come. I just can’t get enough of this city and I think I’m still in the amazing atmosphere of it. It has so much to offer! Oh, and I got some great news to share.

The highly requested London hotspot post will be online soon as possible. The days after my trip were super busy and I’m still trying to get back on track again when it comes to blogging. Like this week, tomorrow I’m heading to London again for a press trip and I couldn’t be more excited. Can’t share more about this but sure keep an eye on my instagram tomorrow where I’ll share what I’m up to.



1. Christmas shopping / This time of the year London transforms into one of the best places to spend the holidays. The shopping streets are filled with magical lights and the windows are an attraction itself. And instead of shopping for yourself it’s the perfect place for Christmas shopping and buy the best gifts for your loved ones. During my last trip I didn’t buy a lot but I truly loved strolling around and watch all those magical lights. And yes, London is always a good reason for a great shopping spree, right?

2. Cheap airline tickets / When you’re living in Europa getting to London is quite easy and really not that expensive. When you’re booking in advance and search a bit you can find some cheap airline tickets. Besides that, London is packed with many great hotels and often you can find some amazing package deals at Earlier this month the boy and I flew to London for less than 100 euro for the both of us. When you don’t want to fly you can also choose the Eurostar that takes you to the centre of London in only 2 hours.

3. Diversity / What I love the most about London is the diversity of the several areas. You can go shopping at the famous shopping streets like Oxford or Regent street or hecking out the coloured houses at Notting Hill and strolling around Portobello Road. London has one of the best museums, but also a broad offer of shops – something for everyone. Personally I truly love spending my days at Shoreditch because it’s the perfect mix of rough, hip and super creative vibe. I would love to live there some day for a longer period in the future.

4. Events / Just like with New York, London is one of those cities that never sleeps and every day and night something is happening around the corner. Always check out if there are cool events planned during your trip or plan an entire trip around an event you really want to visit. During my trip to London we came across an ad about a tennis tournament and the same night we were sitting at the O2 arena. Those spontaneous actions are the best!

5. Yummy food / Everytime I hop on a airplane and explore a new city or country I always get super excited about the food. This was the same when I planned to go to London and I couldn’t wait starting looking and finding some cool spots. Like with everything, London is so diverse when it comes to yummy food. From delicious burgers, Italian dishes, sushi or an good Indian Curry. They got it all.

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