IKEA PS 2014

ikea ps 2014

ikea ps 2014

ikea ps 2014
1. Storage table / 69,90 E – Also available in white

2. Greenhouse / 29,95 E – A little house for my plants! So cute!

3. Wardrobe / 129 E – Do I need to explain why I love this wardrobe? I NEED IT!

4. Side-table with lighting / 59 E – Loving this multifunctional sidetable!

5. Wall shelf / 39,99 E – This would be perfect in my hallway

Interior is, besides fashion, becoming something I lost my passion in. I’ve been re-decoration my home the last few months and I’m getting so excited about it. Of course I would love to share this part of me but I actually didn’t know how to do this. So I thought, I’m starting my passion for interior with sharing an amazing launch of my favorite store by far: Ikea! On the 1st of April they will launch their Ikea PS 2014 collection designed by several talented designers from all over the world. Thanks to the Interior Junkie – check out this blog – who went to the press preview of the collection I was overwhelmed by this new collection – craving alert! It was to great to see that designers like Scholten & Bajings (Dutch proud! + Hay) – who created the cool clocks and Matali Crasset – who designed my ultimate #1 favorite ‘cage’ wardrobe. Yes, I collected my 5 favorites, but actually I got my eyes on more of them.

In this collection it’s all about smaller and urban living with multi-function items (check out the collection folder here). Are you excited just like me? And are you in for getting one of the items? I convinced my boyfriend already that we really need to check out the collection right away on the 1st of April at least – and hopefully getting some of my favorites! More than 2 weeks to go…

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Note/ instead of my weekly sunday ‘inspiration’ post I just had to share this Ikea collection today.