The boy and I have been dreaming about this trip for years and years and right now we’re finally planning to make it happen. We’re happy to have some people around us that have done this trip before so we have enough tips and do & don’ts to make this the perfect trip ever. What I think I’m gonna love about this trip is the freedom of driving around, the mix of sleeping in hotels and campings outside and nature versus the crazy cities that are a must. I would love to visit LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas and all the nature parks. Of course I’m also looking forward to get surprised and see some amazing things that weren’t on the list at the first place. I think I’m gonna learn so much during this trip and it will definitely change some things about how I think about myself, live and my relationships. We’re planning to do this trip within 2 years and I’m already checking out all the details. And you guys, if you have some good tips – please share them with me!


With the love for sushi and the Asian culture, traveling to Japan is still high on my travel list. It also fascinates me to go to a country that I’m not familiar with and probably feel lost in. But these things brings you out of your comfort zone and you don’t know what kind of amazing things can happen. Also the diversity in the crowded cities and the country side of Japan is something that I can’t wait to explore myself. Yes, I could start rambling about Japan 24/7 but it’s about time to start planning this trip and makes this dream come true.


Iceland is one of those countries I just need to visit someday. With the breathtaking nature it will be a destination that’s greater than your dreams of what this world has to give. From the Northern light to the nature pools – I want to see it all. No, it will not be the most relaxing holiday but I know it will be one to remember. The last few years I learned even more to enjoy nature, let peacefull surroundings work on my mind and feel totally free.


Somehow, Marrakech is one of those cities that keeps fascinating me and I just need to experience it myself. I heard some super nice things about it and less great stories – but in the end it’s all about experiencing it yourself. To be honest, it’s probably one of those countries I don’t feel super comfortable in because I’m not that familiar with the culture. But just like with Japan, I love to go out of my comfort zone and do things I haven’t done before. I heard Marrakech has so many things to offer. Great Riads to sleep at, the interior and architecture are breathtaking and the same thing goes for the diversity in landscapes.


What’s better than enjoying your summer at a picture perfect island in the Caribbean Sea with a cocktail in your hand. I’ve been to this island before but I just can’t deny I just can’t get enough of it. And the best thing, I already planned a trip to this island next year. With a bit of my roots here I’m already planning to have the best time with my mother, work on that bikini body and get a good tan. I’m still looking for a place to stay, so if you have some recommendations, please let me know! Counting the days…


As you may know, I’ve been to Jordan before this year and truly I can’t wait to back as soon as possible. It was such an amazing trip back in March with the Jordan Tourism Board and I would love to share this with my boyfriend. From floating in the Dead Sea, hiking in Petra and spending a night at the Wadi Rum. This trip was quite life changing because I travelled alone with strangers and learned so much about myself. Besides that, going to a country with a totally different culture, is so exciting and interesting at the same time.


Yes, I never been to Italy before as a holiday. I’ve been to Italy once for something work-related but actually I only saw a glimpse what Italy has to offer. But the best question; where to go in Italy? Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, Verona, Napoli? I heard so many things about the great food and hospitality that makes you want to go back every year. I still haven’t experienced it all, but I know that day will come soon. Please share your recommendations down below in the comments :)!

images via localmilkblog / mariusz kluszniak / flickr / mydubio / elyssa walter / igor star