After 5 years of This Chick’s Got Style, Yara found it was the right moment to transform her more personal style blog into Chapter Friday where she’s focusing more on articles to find your true self and (fashion) career tips. With all here positivity you just have to check out her new chapter and you’re gonna love it!

In my mind someday I’ll become that muscle-machine who works out every day and feels totally fine with her body. The truth is that I know a bit how to live healthy and my gym is just across the street, but the many temptation are ruining this ideal goal. But thanks to blogs/online magazines like FitGirlCode I get inspired everyday to become a fitter me!

Although we don’t share the same style, but this UK lady inspires me a lot. Her photography, her looks and the way she blogs is something where I come back for every time. Besides her looks she also shares interesting tips about photography and style tips.

Yes! Dutchie Sara of Trendzucht has been in the blogosphere for a while and after being MIA for a few years she’s back with brand new blog where she shares her personal style, trends but also interesting articles about trends we see in daily life around us.

This is one of those blogs where I keep scrolling down all the pretty pictures and pin them directly on my style inspiration board. With her edgy style she makes my never-ending wish list even longer. So dangerous!

Oh gosh, it still feels like April just had started but we’re already facing the last few days of this month. So today it’s the perfect moment to share my monthly blog crushes I can’t stop visiting. They all inspire me in their all unique way and hopefully they will do the same for you. Did you already knew this ladies? Please share you personal favorite blogs too so we all can inspire each other!

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