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3 Ways To Style Winter Shoes

So officially winter has started and it’s about time to check out if you have the right shoes to beat the cold. For me good shoes during this season is really important. Because temperatures can drop easily within sveral hours, it can become slippery and rain is around the corner almost every day. For this post I collaborated with Ziengs Schoenen to show you how to style different kind of shoes during the winter season. This time I chose for 3 totally different kind of shoes to show you that you can go for different of styles. As you know, I’m a tomboy kind of girl so all the looks are not to girly but still have a touch of pink.

Birkenstock Boston slidesnow on sale
I chose these super comfortable Birkenstock slides because I’m the comfort type of person. When I come home from a day of work I like to relax during the winter days. So that means, shoes off and my slides on. Getting a cup of tea of or chocolate makes it all complete. Besides this, I also styled it all in my pink ensemble I just couldn’t resist. Personally I really like the warm cognac color of the Birkenstock pantoffels (dutch word for slides) with the pink together.
Birkenstock Boston

Birkenstock Boston

Skechers D’Lite sneakersnow on sale
Ok. I’m the type of girl who doesn’t have enough sneakers. They are my favorite kind of shoes and personally i really like to style with super feminine pieces. Like this wrap long dress that asks for heels but I regret to style it in that way. These Skechers sneakers are truly becoming my ultimate favorite because of the memory foam they feel like walking on clouds. I wore them during a weekend trip to Antwerp and they were the best thing I could wear. No pain, no nothing! I really would recommand these ones!
Skechers D'Lite Sneakers

Skechers D'Lite Sneakers

Ann Rocks biker bootsnow on sale
For the winter biker boots are the perfect choice to have a dressed up look and have sturdy shoes that can withstand the rain and beat the cold. Of course, I could go for the classic black ones but this time I wanted to go for something different. My eye caught these white leather Ann Rocks boots and immediatly I knew they would be a perfect style for in my shoe collection. They give the right cool look to every outfit. I styled them this time with a more feminine look and I think they make a perfect match. What do you think?

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