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Yes, as you could see on instagram or facebook I’ll be travelling to New York next year during Spring time. I know, it’s months and months away but I really can’t wait to start the excitement and preparations right now. And that’s where I need your help…


Of course I’ll be visiting a lot of the tourist things, museums, stores and more, but I really need your help with sharing the (local) hotspots I really must visit during my trip. When I’m travelling I always like to live like a local and that is also what I want to do during my stay there. So which areas are really a must visit? Where do I need to get my breakfast, lunch, dinner or my late night drinks? Where I’ll find the nice boutiques to shop? What are cool things to do to experience New York in it’s best way? Please share it all those amazing hidden gems with me (and the rest of my readers). Oh, I’m so excited already!

ph. garance dore / bohemianchic / johncarle

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