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Dear 2014, you were awesome! Of course, every year has it’s ups and downs but this time I mostly remember the positive moment I like to cherish. Yes, it was a year that I learned a lot of myself, other people and took steps to become a better me. What were the highlights for me this year? Down below I selected a few instagram shots (follow me via @justlikesushi) to illustrate 2014…

You started great with an my birthday that I celebrated relaxed with a sushi dinner – like I always do. Suddenly Januari became one of the most amazing months with a trip to Stockholm with H&M and I was so happy I could share this with my love. Only 24 hours I was already heading to Copenhagen to attend a cold Fashion Week but of course one I would never forget. This was only the start. Scroll down for a memory lane of my personal bests moments of 2014…

In 2014 I enjoyed a lot of times in the clouds. One of my favorites is flying above Scandinavia en see to beautiful widely spread nature with endless rows of trees covered in snow. Yes, so breathtaking and I can’t wait to enjoy this soon.

All white and covered in snow. This was my view during my trip to Copenhagen for Fashion Week. A different kind with a lot of cold, shows that have been held in old factories or at a parking station of a warehouse. I noticed it’s also a great city to shop, eat and explore new cultural things. Yes, I loved it.

During my trip to Stockholm with H&M for the Design Awards I had the chance to meet H&M’s creative advisor Margareta van den Bosch . unfortunately would couldn’t speak a lot with each other but she told me about her connection with The Netherlands and likes to visit it quite often.

Filming. Something I did a lot this year. Not only for myself but also for companies. I’m still so grateful of the fact that they believed in me and gave me the opportunity to work on an amazing projects. Let’s do this more often in 2015 – see my videos here.

I didn’t stop travelling after the first few months of 2014. May was a great month the fly to the warm temperatures of Barcelona. Together with the in-laws and my mother we had an amazing time. This was also the first time I got to use my new Polaroid camera and I was addicted instantly.

Visiting Asos. Something that was one my bucketlist for a long time and finally in November to moment was there. From the early start I’ve been a happy costumer and I was so excited to see where all the magic happens. Luckily I also had the chance to see the SS15 collection even before the CEO had seen it. Oh, can somebody pinch me!

This shot isn’t related to a specific moment but it represents for me an atmosphere I would love to be in more often. Somewhere up in the sky flying to a place I’ve neer been before in a super relaxed mood.

When we are talking about a relaxed mood this shot is the perfect example of it. Every year my bf and I treat ourselves with 2-day spa to relax and enjoy the warm baths, sauna and nature around us. I’m already looking forward to do this again in 2015.

Last but for sure not least: my first time on Dutch national tv. Somewhere in September I got an email with the question if I wanted to be part of the tv show Koffietijd. OMG! Was this real? Yes, it was. Actually I wasn’t nervous but was super excited to be part of this I wouldn’t mind to do this more often ;) – watch the video here.

And how are you going to celebrate NYE? Let me know! I like to wish you all…


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