Yes! For 3 months now I’m trying to work out more and I think I’m on the right track now. More muscles, feeling so much more fitter and actually getting addicted to working out. Whut? I really didn’t expect I would ever say this.

Right now I’m working out 2/3 times a week at my Crossfit box and I’m planning to add more activities at home or my local gym. As quite a newbie to working out this much I noticed things during this period I’m working out more. Of course, I still got a long journey to go (and muscle pain) but I needed to start somewhere, right? I’m far away of being an expert but I just wanted to share these thoughts with you guys. Maybe it can inspire you to work out more too or please share your own thoughts in the comments!


Checking out those abs / Raising up that arm to check if your abs has grown. Or searching for abs underneath that layer of ‘fat’ that you still need to get rid of. Yes, I’m guilty!

Heavy things feel so much lighter / Instead of asking my boyfriend to carry something for me I see it as an extra workout opportunity!

Craving for healthy food / You’re gonna see food as the fuel for your work outs eventually you gonna crave those yummy banana breads, smoothies, fruit salads and right now I could eat salmon and broccoli every day.

But sometimes you still can’t resist super bad food / blame the pizza, chocolate, hamburgers and cola! Oops! I still need to work on these cravings…

People noticing you lost some weight / While you actually don’t see this yourself. I don’t have a scale because I don’t want to focus on the numbers but how I feel, the difference in my body shape and just getting fitter. And losing weight is just a little extra. I rather stay at the same weight I’m at now while I can transform my fat into muscles.

You’re hungry every time / Because I went from not working out (or once in 2 weeks) to 3 times a week I noticed I worked those calories off and my metabolism changed too. Which means that my body asks for more (good) food these days. Is it lunch, yet?

Can’t stop talking about my new healthy habits / These days are filled with the eating the right food and working out. Of course the result is that I can’t stop talking about my work outs and food regime. Sorry, not sorry!

So much laundry / With my new work out regime I needed to get more work out clothes which also means I’m doing so much more laundry right now to get fresh washed clothes to work out in.

Feeling sore starts to feel good / When you’re working out at least 3 times a week this also means you have muscle pain every day somewhere in your body. It. Never. Stops!

Water is so delicious / Personally I always thought drinking plain water was so boring. But right now, it’s so yummy!

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