No, I’m not the extreme traveler who’s away from home a couple of weeks/months a year but still noticed I’ve been suffering from wanderlust quite some time. Daydreaming about previous trips, making new travel plans all the time and a year only has been really succesful when I’ve been traveling a couple of times a year. To unite my fellow wanderlust girls and gents I thought it would nice to share with you some sign when you’re suffering from wanderlust. I think when you can say YES to 7 to 8 of the ten statements below you definitely can say you’re on of us. I still find it not easy to deal with it and feeling restless often. So, I’m quite curious to hear how you deal with wanderlust? Happy to share some tip & tricks with me in the comment and maybe I can make another post about it…

1. You think about traveling all the time and can’t stop talking about it.

2. Instead of going out of buying a lot of new clothes you rather invest that money in a new trip.

3. You’re always checking out flights hoping to find a super good deal.

4. Your next trip is already planned before you’re home from your current trip.

5. You enjoy your daily life but still you’re always missing something.

6. Having the urge of being on the road all the time.

7. When you buy new clothes you always keep in mind if you could bring it with you on your next trip.

8. You can’t stop spending hours on Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram accounts to stay in the travel mood.

9. Your travel-wishlist has become insanely long and you don’t know where to start.

10. You go through previous trip photo’s and you can’t stop daydreaming and feel so nostalgic.

This picture has been made by me of Diego Imai during my trip to Jordan / #unravelingjordan